Sony KP43T75 43" Projection TV (Gray)

Sony's KP-43T75 43-inch Big Screen Projection TV presents beautiful visuals and intense sound. Invite friends over to enjoy this awesome entertainment experience. Features include 3-Line Digital Comb Filter Circuitry, which provides maximum picture detail and resolution, 2-Tuner Picture in Picture, Favorite Channel for 8 different channels, and Built-in Stereo Speakers. You couldn't ask for more entertainment from your TV.Unlike many projection TVs, which require the electron beam to pass through the front surface of the mirror twice, Sony's First Surface Mirror incorporated in this TV, means the beam reflects off only the front surface. This results in improved resolution, brightness and color. This TV also features MICROFOCUS picture tubes and lenses, Advanced Video Processor, Dynamic Picture processor, Dynamic Focus circuitry and Trinitone color temperature adjustment. Audio features include MTS stereo TV decoder with DBX noise reduction and SteadySound auto volume control. Magnetic Quadra Pole reduces beam spot distortion and improves corner-to-corner focus, as well as picture sharpness. Video Label is a handy feature that shows which component is connected to each video input. Channel Fix automatically sets TV to specific channel (i.e., 3) for cable box control, allowing viewer to control cable box via the TV remote control. Channel Caption allows you to program up to 12 channels with their call letters for on-screen display. Freeze Memo allows viewer to freeze what's on screen and view it in PIP window while programming continues on the main screen. Ideal for noting Web site addresses, phone numbers, and contact information on screen. see more best hdtv 1080p store

  • 43-inch rear-projection TV with 160-degree viewing angle; 38 x 41.62 x 20.12 inches (W x H x D)
  • 2-tuner picture-in-picture with freeze option; Flash Focus automatic color convergence
  • Favorite-channel preview, jump channel, and parental control
  • Component input, 2 S-video inputs, 3 composite inputs, and Control S, audio, and monitor outputs
  • 34-watt speaker system (17 watts x 2) with MTS decoding, surround sound, and BBE mode

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